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Small household solar power generation system



China now has 900 million people living in rural areas. About 5% of them have not yet been connected to electricity. In China's rural areas, where wind and solar energy are abundant, there is great potential for the use of wind and solar systems to solve electricity problems.

      Small-scale wind and solar systems are complementary to each other and improve the stability of the power generation system.

      Solar complementary is a set of power generation application system, this system is using solar cell square array, wind turbine (alternating current to direct current) to store the generated electricity into the battery, when the user needs electricity. The inverter converts the DC stored in the battery into alternating current and sends it to the user load through the transmission line. Because of the wind power generator and solar cell square array two kinds of power generation equipment together to generate electricity. The shortcomings of wind power and optoelectronic independent systems can be remedied in terms of resources: wind power is generated at night and rainy days when there is no sunlight, and sunny days are powered by solar energy, both of which work at the same time when there is both wind and sun. Realized the all-weather power generation function. Day and night complementary-noon solar power, night wind power generation; Season complementary-strong sunshine in summer and strong wind energy in winter; High stability-make use of the natural complementarity of the scenery, greatly improve the stability of the system power supply.

     The miniature domestic wind - light complementary power generation system is mainly used for supplying power to the DC load , and the AC load is not required to be considered . when the generated electric energy is insufficient , the storage battery directly supplies power to the load to ensure the normal operation of the load .

     The introduction of standardized wind and wind complementary power generation systems is conducive to accelerating the economic development and improving the economic level of these areas. In addition, the use of small-scale household solar complementary power generation systems for the development of abundant renewable energy sources, It can provide the most suitable and cheapest power service for the rural population in remote areas and promote the sustainable development of the poor areas.

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