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Solar Water pump system in Fergana
Perfect combination of Photovoltaic and Horticultural Modeling
Hotian solar fountain blooms by the beautiful lake
The successful operation of Hotian 15KW solar water extraction system in Jiamusi
45KW Photovoltaic pump system for Farm Irrigation
Hotian hundred sets of Micro Mini lighting charging system used in Tibet Forest Farm
Hotian 20KW Solar Water lifting system to Yemen Republic
Combination of Hotian solar panel and battery car
15kW photovoltaic grid-connected power station settled in Huairou District, Beijing
Household solar power system settled in Tongzhou district, Beijing
Hotian 10KW enterprise roof off grid power station
Hotian solar power system provides power for signage signs
Hotian solar power system provides power for corridor lighting
Application of Hotian Solar Power Generation system to Bridge Deck Monitoring system
Hotian Solar Power Generation system solves the problem of electricity consumption in Aquaculture Base
Eco-agricultural photovoltaic greenhouse project
Hotian Solar Power system enters National UHV Transmission Line
Hotian 5KW domestic roof grid - connected power station settled in Beijing Shunyi
Hotian Photovoltaic Application products enter Beijing Campus
Hotian Solar Water pumping system provides Power for sewage treatment pump
The brothers built a pv power grid on the roof at the same time
Three-phase Solar Power Station in Beijing Ecological Manor
Application of solar insecticidal lamp in agriculture
Solar-powered insecticidal lamp for farmers
Hotian Solar Water lifting system to supply Power to sewage treatment pump
Hotian Solar Water lifting system is effective for Jiuquan Farmers in Gansu Province
Hotian Solar Power system is effective for Wastewater treatment
Power supply to valve chamber of Sinopec
Application of Hetian Scenic complementary Power Generation system to Monitoring equipment
Hotian Solar Water lifting Project settled in Tongde, Qinghai Province
Beijing partner pushes forward Hotian Solar Power Generation system
Hotian 6.5KW villa roof grid-connected power station
Hotian household solar power system settled in Nanping, Fujian
The 5KW household roof grid power station is located in Langfang, Hebei Province
Trial of Hetian Household Solar Power Generation system by Shanxi Yuci Hao
Application of solar water extraction system in paddy field to solve the problem of thousands of people drinking water
Application of Hotian Solar Water pump in Landscape
Hotian 3.2kW household solar power generation system
Hotian Scenic complementary Power Generation system is effective for Nanning customers
Hotian Solar Power Generation system provides Electric Power for Ecological Orchard in Shangsi County, Guangxi
Hotian roof solar energy (and off-grid combination) power station settled at Anyang Seismological Bureau Emergency Center
Hotian Solar Power system to the Prairie
Hotian Solar Power system to Wanjia-Beautiful Miyun Reservoir Ecological Garden
Hotian Solar Water pump witness the magic of high technology in Yunnan
Combination of Hotian Solar Panel and Electric vehicle

Latest information

Small household solar power generation system

Small household solar power generation system

                       China now has 900 million people living in rural areas. About 5% of them have not yet been connected to electricity. In China's rural areas, where wind and solar energy are abundant, there is great potential

Complementarities of wind and pv hybrid complementary power generation systems

                           Wind power generation system has promoted the development of energy conservation and environmental protection in China. This clean, green and environmentally friendly new energy generation system wi

Home photovoltaic power station

    Today, photovoltaic off-grid power station is very hot, in the home installation of a solar photovoltaic power station has become the pursuit of many families! Solar photovoltaic power generation is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, solar photovoltaic cells are used to con

Throw away the kerosene lamp, the light is around

    What do you feel about the school where there is no electricity in the classroom ? A school has only one classroom , a teacher , and eight students . Sun Yat - sen , through the window , you can only see the stars shining through the kerosene lamp . What kind of touch is the children s

Photovoltaic ask

【Second】Comprehensive understanding of distributed photovoltaic power system common sense 100 Q!

Ø  Design installer 38.Distributed photovoltaic power generation system is composed of several parts?The distributed photovoltaic power generation system consists of photovoltaic modules, grid-connected photovoltaic inverters, bidirectional metering watt-hour meters and related parts

What do you know about the solar water supply system?

Solar water supply system mainly consists of water pump, solar water pump inverter. Solar panels and cisterns. The system uses solar power to drive the pump to lift water to meet the household's daily living water needs (optional water purification device, without the use of electricity, diesel

What is a solar photovoltaic pump?

      Solar water pump ( Solar Pumping System) is also called photovoltaic water pump , which is the most attractive water supply mode in the sunshine - rich area of the world , especially the remote areas where there is no electricity and electricity .      Structure a

What are the classifications of solar power generation

  Solar power technology can be used in any need of power, from spacecraft, down to home power, from megawatt power stations to small toys. Photovoltaic power can be ubiquitous. Solar power can be divided into the following:  Generation mode  Solar power generation is divided into photot

What is the structure of the solar panel backplane

  The solar panel is located on the back of the solar panel. It can protect and support the solar panel. It has reliable insulation, water resistance and aging resistance.          In general, there are three layers (PVDF/PET/PVDF). The outer protective layer (PVDF) has g

What is the principle of flexible solar panels

  The working principle of flexible solar panels is: TTPV is the direct conversion of sunlight into DC. In fact is the photon in sunlight into electron energy, like solar panels after the wires were collected to form the current, this current can directly for DC load, can also be converted into

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